Underfloor Heating

Utilising multilayer pipes, electronic control systems and a choice of highly efficient Heat pumps, warm water is circulated around a network of pipes embedded in your floor. By integrating the heating system into the structure of a building the heat distribution is evenly creating a natural sense of warmth and comfort.Underfloor heating is the perfect partner with a heat pump because the heat pump can utilise a correctly designed under floor heating system to operate at low flow temperatures of 15 – 40°C

When a heat pump can operate at these temperatures it can operate at very high efficiencies of 530% (COP 5.3) with Waterkotte heat pumps. This means that for every unit of electricity consumed by your heat pump you will receive 5.3 units of heat in your home.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating


In Comparison to conventional heating systems savings of 75% are achievable.

Natural Comfort:

Warm dry floors produce an even distribution of heat eliminating cold spots and convective currents i.e.drafts.

Visually Unobtrusive:

The Heating System is hidden beneath your feet therefore allowing complete freedom with interior design.

Hygienic & Healthy:

No need for wall mounted radiators therefore no collection and circulation of dust containing unwanted irritants, viruses and bacteria.


No hot, hard protruding radiator edges for young and old people to injure themselves upon.

Maintenance Free:

Underfloor Heating means – no awkward radiators or restrictive voids to paint or clean behind. Note Nut- herm North West under floor heating systems have no joints under the floor therefore eliminating the possibility of leaks.

Great for your home!

With low water temperatures required, Underfloor Heating is the perfect partner for both heat pumps and condensing boilers, providing the highest levels of energy efficiency and lowest possible annual running costs.

With its guaranteed quality and no joints under the floor, we can assure a lifetime of trouble-free operation

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