Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation

Fresh Air for a Healthy Life

Room climate can be incredibly important for your health, allergies, colds and insomnia can be made worse by inadequate or incorrect room ventilation. A well-oxygenated room using a Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation System can improve your health and well being with continuous, fresh, clean air.

Simply opening the windows is not enough

You might that think opening your windows is enough to air your rooms, but it is not, this method results is massive heat and energy waste as well as creating an unpleasant draft.

Heating and Ventilation in One System

The quality of air in a room is a result of the air temperature, atmospheric humidity, CO2 content and air movement. All of these factors can be controlled by the innovative ventilation unit BasicVent, which Nutherm are specialist installers. This can also be combined with all heating systems.

Energy Savings using Heat Recovery

Using a heat exchanger, BasicVent transfers the heat from the exhaust air to the incoming fresh air. The inlet air heated in this manner provides an optimal room climate and saves up to 90% of the heatings costs for the ventilation.

Clean Air Filtering

BasicVent draws stale air from the rooms and supplies fresh air in its place. The fresh air is purified by a fine pore filter system.

Great for your home or commercial building

Heat Recovery Ventilation

There are several key benefits of using BasicVent to ventilate your home.

  • Very low running costs. Because it’s demand controlled it runs on low/ trickle mode. When the indoor air quality (IAQ) deteriorates the system increases the air flow to compensate
  • It’s automatic. Using motorised valves with built in CO2, H20 and VOC sensors, it adjusts the air flow in the wet areas on a room by room basis
  • There are no filters to replace, therefore very little maintenance is required
  • Easy to install. Duct runs only needed to the extract areas.
  • They can be installed in warm/ cold spaces and can be mounted on the floor/ wall/ ceiling
  • Cookerhood can be connected. No need for separate exhaust to atmosphere from Kitchen
  • A wireless Touch screen display with built in CO2 sensor
  • Customisable programs let you choose from up to 6 different running modes.

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