Heat Pumps

The cleanest and most economical energy systems from the ground, the air, and groundwater. Heat pumps extract thermal energy from these sources and convert it to a temperature suitable for heating. Our heat pumps only use a small amount of electricity, approximately only 20 – 25% of the thermal energy obtained. Meaning 80% of thermal energy is gained free of charge from the environment.

  • By installing a heat pump you protect yourself from changes in gas and oil prices, in the long term this will be a major economic advantage.

  • The heat pump is by far the most efficient and economical heating system.

  • Using a heat pump protects the environment, unlike burning conventional fuels such as heating oil, gas or wood pellets

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Ground Source Heating

Geothermal probe

Geothermal probes are placed into the ground using vertical bores, this allows heat to be obtained efficiently from deeper layers in the ground using a geothermal system. The number of metres of bore depends on the quality of the ground and the heat required.

Horizontal collector

Surface collectors are laid horizontally at a depth of approximately 1.2 metres, they absorb energy stored in the ground via plastic pipes distributed over a larger area. The area required for a horizontal collector is dependent on the heat required and is normally quite large.

Vertical collector

Laying surface collectors vertically requires much less space than a horizontal collector. For this purpose, the collectors reach down to a depth of up to 3.2 metres.

Air Source Heating

Outdoor Installation

The installation of an air source heat pump as a purely outdoor unit is particularly economical as it does not require any ground work. There are various designs available from pure monoblock to units with hydraulic stations and water tanks for indoor installation.

Outdoor & Indoor Installation

The classic air source heat pump of split design has a heat pump with a fan for an outdoor installation and a transfer station with a heat exchanger for indoor installation. The hot water tank can be integrated into the indoor unit if required.

Indoor Installation

Air Source heat pumps installed in buildings draw heat and moisture from the ambient air. They are often used in private households and commercial buildings for the economical heating of domestic water and process water.

Groundwater Source Heating

The usage of the energy stored in ground water is particularly effective. However, it is only possible if the necessary geological requirements are met. The necessary access to the groundwater is achieved with the installation of a well system.

Choosing the right Heat Pump for your home?

The cost effectiveness of heat pump heating really depends on the construction of the property, the usage behaviour of the occupants and the amount of heat required. Our engineers will study these factors carefully and recommend the most cost effective heating system for your home or commercial building.

Ground Source

Ground Source Heat Pumps are more expensive to install than Air Source Heat Pumps, but are more efficient and have a lifespan of 20-25 years.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps are becoming more popular in the UK and Ireland as they are significantly less expensive to install. This is because they don’t require any ground works and need less space, which also makes them an excellent choice for urban dwellings, flats and apartments.

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